In Need of Animal Avengers

shannon 5I am involved in many charitable causes but there is one in particular that has incredibly moved my heart.  

As you all know by now I am a huge animal lover. As long as I can remember I had a natural born admiration, respect and unconditional love for animals and I did whatever I could to help those that needed it.

Around 2001 I remember looking through a magazine and seeing a picture of actress Shannon Elizabeth surrounded by dogs.  Of course the image drew me in and I read on how she started a dog and cat rescue organization called Animal Avengers.  I remember thinking to myself “If I had the means and the platform to raise awareness and help animals that is exactly what I would do too!”

Shannon Elizabeth, Allyson Spellman
With Shannon in NYC

Flash forward 15 years and there I am sitting across from Shannon in a NYC cafe hearing first-hand about her crucial work in Africa to help save endangered animals.  I was truly blown away by her passion, dedication and hands-on “in the trenches” work to help give a voice to those who have none.

I have followed Shannon’s crusade to save and protect animals throughout the years and I have seen Animal Avengers evolve to helping animals on a bigger scale while also helping the communities around them in the process and ultimately our ecosystem and planet.

Sorry for the graphic photo but this is what we are up against. This is the sad reality.

It is beyond alarming that we are losing on average 96 elephants and 5 rhinos a day at the hands of poachers.  We are all part of the same ecosystem that is falling apart around us.  We are all connected. We all experience the consequences.

How things come full circle… it was 15 years ago I was first inspired by Shannon’s mission and now today I am incredibly proud to be a part of the Animal Avengers team.  

We need your help.

Shannon in Africa working with an anti-poaching unit

Shannon recently went to Africa (on her own dime) to learn for herself what was happening and to come up with a game plan of how she could help.  She is headed back the end of April (on her own dime again) to further work with exceptional organizations including anti-poaching units and foundations that are saving and protecting our animals, the surrounding communities & ultimately, our planet!

You can learn more on the Animal Avenger’s Fundraising Site.

Please support us and more importantly the beautiful creatures that are being slaughtered illegally every day.  

Together we can help the wonderful people that are keeping them from extinction and respecting their right to live as they deserve.  Every dollar helps to create positive change in this world that will continue to make an impact long after we’re all gone.

Please take a few minutes to watch video below:

Thank you for your support, loving these animals & being a voice for them. I am truly grateful.

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6 Responses to In Need of Animal Avengers

  1. WOW!!! What a beautiful person to help these animals. I am moved. Thank you and donating. Bravo!

  2. Love this blog and love this mission. It shocks me today that people don’t understand the how this impacts us all. It is such an put of sight, out of mind concept. I really applaud Shannon and her efforts to make a difference and help those poor animals that don’t deserve to die as they do and for what? Jewelery? A piece of furniture? Thank you for being a part of this Allyson!

  3. AMAZING! Thank you for sharing. What a wonderful organization. Love Shannon Elizabeth even more.


  5. that image is just awful. we all must help these poor creatures. donating and praying. thank u.