How to Reach Your Peak Physique

peak 1How can YOU reach your Peak Physique?  

Guest blogger, fitness trainer, coach and motivator for 32 years Dominic Novak works with thousands of people with diverse goals from young to old, conditioned to de-conditioned and everything in between.  Although the specific goals for each individual may change, the points to get them there does not change.  

Dominic carefully outlines four points below that must be carefully implemented for the success of the individual.

Four Points to Reach a Peak Physique:peak 4 

1.  Goal setting.  This can be broken down into two points.  Short term – defined as 1-3 months and long term – defined as 1- 5 years. The length of time is governed by how difficult the goals are to attain.  For example someone may want to lose 50 pounds.  After getting background information and going through ideal weight compared to desirable weight I come to the understanding that 50 pounds is a good goal.  After more information, I realize that this person has been 50 pounds over weight for 5 years and does not exercise.  My recommendation would be to take a goal of losing 1-2 pounds per week for a short term goal of losing 4-8 pounds per month for the first 3 months.  Our long term goal would be to say over one year we want drop 50 pounds.  Given our short term goals this is a very realistic approach and can be achieved in desired time frame.

Woman Exercise With Kettle Bell - Crossfit Workout

2.  Program Development. This is the how to of the goal setting. To lose 50 pounds of weight means that we need to put a program together that would incorporate good sound nutrition, cardiovascular exercise and resistance training.  It is important to note the distinction between losing weight and losing body.  Losing weight means that we are trying to take in less calories of food and burn more calories doing cardiovascular exercise.  Losing body fat means we are trying to eat frequent small portioned meals throughout the day and more resistance training per day. A Registered Dietitian can help you determine the exact amount of calories that you should be taking in per day.  30-60 minutes of cardiovascular exercise coupled with resistance training will help to burn the necessary calories to begin the weight loss process.

3.  Implementation/Time Management.  This part is essential to achieving the desired result you are looking for.  Once you have a training program set, always great to have consult with a fitness professional who can guide you in the right direction, it is necessary to incorporate time management.  This is broken down into 4 quadrants:

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Quadrant 1:  Work.  We spend any where from 8-12 hours per day in this quadrant.

Quadrant 2:  Family/Friends.  We spend anywhere from 4-6 hours per day in this quadrant.

Quadrant 3:  Personal growth/development.  This is where you are spending time improving your personal skill, learning in your craft or development.  Any where from 1 – 5 hours per week.

Quadrant 4:  Quiet time.  This is essential to calm the body down, 1-7 hours per week depending on commitment level.  This is the most important quadrant to enhance the other three.  Without the quiet time meditating, being peak 3silent, praying, de-stressing it is difficult to be mentally engaged in the other three quadrants.

4.  Motivation.  This is the part that keeps you on track.  There are going to be periods during your goals where you can get off track.  Having a friend/s who agrees to be there to help you stick to the plan when things get hard.  A check in with a fitness professional to assess your current status will help keep you focused on the journey. Motivational talks as well as helping others around you with the same or similar goals will help keep you on track.   

In summary, the four steps outlined above will help anyone start, keep striving for and reach their goals.

Dominic Novak is the Director of Training at Peak 360 a full service health-fitness-wellness-spa in Greenwich CT. He has trained athletes, celebrities, professionals, handicapped, de-conditioned, etc for 32 years. He is the author of the book H.E.A.L. a 30 day spirit mind body cleanse. Dominic has a patent pending posture program called ALIGN TM and  is available for talks, seminars.  Be sure to follow Dominic and Peak 360 on Facebook.

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