Bring Your “A” Game (A for Authentic)

My acting headshots back in the day

In my “former life” I was an actress and in-between gigs I did what most actresses have to do to survive –
get a “real job.” 

For me that job meant I better become a “take no prisoners” salesperson or I wasn’t going to make my rent. 

It was during those “starving artist” years that I learned many great lessons.

I truly thought at the time I was bringing my “A Game” to my acting career (and even my survival job).

I was doing everything by “the rules,” my checklist was always complete and I listened to every ounce of advice others threw at me.

The only thing was I kept getting less than desirable results. I grew more and more frustrated as to why I was caught in a vicious cycle of spinning my wheels and never moving forward.

It seemed I had the answers all around me: a harsh boss, a partner that didn’t support me, a hurting economy and unfair office politics.

authenticThen I realized instead of putting the blame on others, I needed to look at the common denominator in all my situations- ME.

The only thing I could take responsibility for was my actions.

I had to bring my REAL A Game- My Authentic Game.

authentic selfI used to look for my personal power outside of myself.  I looked to people to dictate the rules I lived by. I tried to fit into a cookie cutter mode that literally devoured every morsel of my authentic self. 

I wasn’t just swimming with the top selling sharks, I followed their every method of attack.  It worked for them so why wouldn’t it work for me? 

Then I realized instead of trying to be like everyone else, why not try to separate myself from the pack?

I decided to become “authentic self savvy” by knowing myself better than my business, clients and best-selling products.

authentic 5The reason I could only get so far is because I was unknowingly hiding my greatest strengths.

I perceived them as weaknesses but I started shifting what I saw as “flaws” into “fabulous.”

No longer would I see people as just numbers or a sale. I would bring my natural sense of compassion to my clients.

Guess what? My sales increased because people felt I truly cared (and I did) rather than just pressuring them to buy something.

I began using my artistic and creative talents which helped my presentations to stand out. I started to meet with more people face to face and use my people skills to build relationships.

authentic 4By owning my authentic self, I was also more memorable at auditions because I wasn’t just trying to give casting directors what they wanted, I was giving them my truth.

It even helped in my personal life. I started to express my true feelings and opinions in relationships without fearing I would chase anyone off.

This awakening gave me the solid foundation and confidence I needed when I started the business I have today. I learned that if I authentically put who I am into my business then it will be a success. authentic 2It will be successful on my terms.

It is important for every woman to define what success on their own terms means to them.

I am clear on my definition and it helps to pull me through those days when I doubt being an entrepreneur (even though I couldn’t have it any other way). It is the new rule I live by.

We each have unique talents and gifts. I think it is wonderful that we can all be given the same project and we would all come back with something different. We are all going to attract different clients and customers as well.

If we all bring our Authentic Game, then everyone is covered. It is a huge win-win for us all.

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2 Responses to Bring Your “A” Game (A for Authentic)

  1. wow you are even more beautiful now. i knew you had to be an actress.i remember seeing you before on tv on soaps. love your blog.