Manifesting or Manipulating?

I reflected a lot on 2015 while I was away on vacation the last week of the year.  I woke up before the sun even did to just sit and be still.

I literally felt the scales fall from my eyes to see my year with a pure perspective.  I started to connect the dots and see all the ways that the Universe was guiding me since I was a little girl.  The timing of people, places and things suddenly all started to make sense.

I also realized I was too concerned about “how” things would unfold in 2015 that the “why” became secondary.

decisiones-correctasI was so focused on attaining the “end result” that I forced many things to happen when I knew in my gut they didn’t need to happen.  I said yes to opportunities that I knew were not worth saying yes to based on my intuition.  I worked with people that deep down I knew I shouldn’t work with.  Why do you ask? 

F.E.A.R. (False Evidence Appearing Real) and E.G.O. (Edging God Out).  I became a master manipulator pulling the strings to force things to happen one way or another. 

I was way too concerned about what others thought of me, going “backwards” and people pleasing than trusting divine timing and believing my life will work out even better than I expect it to.

manifesting 3I had the right intention.  I wanted to provide for my family, ease stress and worry from our lives and do what I believed I was called to do.

I am a hard worker and I can rest assured that I have not left any stone unturned and unexamined.  I believe you should always continue to grow and go “next level” in whatever you do.  There is nothing wrong with “going for it” but I realized I was blocking the divine flow because my activity was constantly laced with fear and lack.

I had to learn the “hard way” to never force events to work the way I think they should work.  I have to allow the events to unfold naturally instead of straining and pushing them to happen.

Remember it is not up to you to know “how” things will happen but it is up to you to know they will happen.

manifesting 5The same way you flick on a light switch and expect to see light you should expect to see your dreams manifest. 

When you order something off a menu don’t you expect to get exactly what you ordered?  You don’t worry about all the “hows” it took to get the food on your plate (where it first came from, the delivery to the restaurant, how the flavor combination was chosen, who actually prepared it, etc.)  You just know it is going to be there in front of you.

It is hard to learn how to release the wheel and let the Universe drive yet not completely take your hands off so you can still stay on the desired road.  It really is an art form and one I am perfecting every single day.

My true work is not in trying to control circumstances, people and conditions but in my response to the twists, turns and curveballs that all those things throw me.  Instead of manipulating I now choose to center and re-focus myself in the midst of whatever conditions may seem to be until they begin to change, perhaps in unexpected ways. 

I have decided in 2016 that my dreams are already securely stored into every ounce of my mind and body. All I need to do is remain happy, blissful and thankful not for what is coming down the road but for what I know is already happening

I am thankful in advance for blessings and believe with an unwavering conviction that they will come true.  My actions will be ruled by intention, meaning and sheer gratitude that I have the privilege of actively pursuing my dreams. 

I am ready to become a “Master Manifestor” this year.  I am giving the reigns over to God to direct the desires already etched in my heart.  No more pulling strings and manipulating things to happen. Instead I am consistently going to ask for it, see it, believe it and receive it.

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