“Beauty-full” New Year Resolutions

Allyson Spellman, CT Style, Teresa DufourI had a great time in the studio at CT Style once again.  This time it was all about Beauty Resolutions in the New Year.  

We often make resolutions in regards to health, fitness and goals but how often do we make beauty resolutions?  

They can also help you to develop lifelong habits that will lead to a happy, healthy, gorgeous and glowing new year!

Enjoy some screenshots of my time on CT Style and my quick recap of 8 Beauty Resolutions for 2016!

Allyson Spellman, CT Style, WTNHRemove Make-Up Every Night – Leaving make-up on overnight clogs pores.

Clean Your Make-Up Brushes – Do this weekly to minimize bacteria build-up in your brushes and therefore avoid reapplying that bacteria to your face.

Beauty Product Audit – The creamer the product, the shorter the shelf life. Mascara doesn’t last as long as powder products.  Be aware of expiration dates.

Sunscreen All Year Round– UVA rays are beaming down year round, summer or winter. Always protect your skin.

Allyson Spellman, CT Style, WTNH, Teresa Dufour

Do a Weekly Hair Mask – Hair masks help protect hair from all the heat-damage from our daily hair routines.

Try a New Make-Up Look – Feeling ambitious? Take a chance with a new make-up look. It can re-new your look.Allyson Spellman, CT Style, WTNH

Get Beauty Sleep – “Beauty sleep” is not just a made-up phrase. Rest helps cell renewal and minimize baggy eyes.

Drink More Water– More water means hydrated skin, which not only keeps pores from getting clogged, but also slows down the aging process.

Remember to not neglect your beauty habits in the new year.  You can easily by-pass them when you are scrambling to get out the door or directly hitting the bed after a long day.  

I want you to have a beautiful new year in every single way!

Allyson Spellman, CT Style, WTNH, Teresa Dufour, Teresa LaBarbera

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