Baby It’s Cold (& Chic) Outside

michelinDuring the winter months, we all want to look our best, but we can easily sacrifice style for warmth and end up looking like a modern day Michelin Woman. 

The best way to beat the cold weather blues is by wearing something warm and stylish.

Try these 7 tips for bringing on the cold in style when temperatures drop. fashion

Accessorize, Darling– Scarves, gloves and hats can add the perfect chic touch to any outfit.  You can get creative by adding a pop of color to kick the winter gloom to the curb.  I recently purchased a pair of Tiffany blue gloves that I can’t wait to wear during the season.

Cashmere Comfort– Invest in a timeless cashmere sweater. Warm, soft, and incredibly chic, cashmere is the ultimate winter-wardrobe luxury.  Yes it may be a more expensive choice but if taken care of properly it will hold its shape and keep you warm for many more winters to come.

Bye-Bye Bulk– Go for long sleeved tops with a slight stretch that conform to your body and show your shape.  That way if you throw a thick cardigan over it you will not disappear in a mound of shapeless bulk.

fashion 2Cinch It Up Coat– A good stylish coat can be your fashion statement this winter. No matter where you go you will always be making an entrance and an exit. Why not do it boldly?

It is best to pick a coat that is fitted and immaculately tailored. If there is a coat you love but it has more of a straight cut grab a larger sized belt and make it more fitted in the waist.  Be sure to look for quality as well as cuteness and it has enough room for layers underneath.  Pockets are a 5

Boot-ifully Warm– I am a boot girl. If I could wear them all year round I would. You can’t go wrong with a pair of tall boots. They not only make your legs warm, you can make them even warmer by adding tall cashmere socks, fleece leggings or wool tights.

Cami-flauge–  Wear a nude fitted cami under your tops.  They won’t be seen or add any extra bulk but will give you another glorious layer of warmth. This is a great way to still be able to wear your favorite “feel good” tops and sweaters even though they are made with a lighter material.

Vests are Best– Vests are a great way to add both warmth and style to an outfit.  There are so many to choose from so they can be appropriate for both the office and a night out on the town.  I personally love faux fur ones that add a touch of sophistication and glamour even over a casual long sleeved shirt.   


Here’s to a winter that is both cozy and chic… and Michelin Woman free!

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One Response to Baby It’s Cold (& Chic) Outside

  1. This had me laughing because my husband always calls me the Michelin Woman because of all my bulk. Not this year! Thanks for these amazing tips Allyson.