It All Comes Down to Belief

You may be able to trick some things in life, but one thing you can never trick is your belief system.

Whether you believe “I can” or ‘I can’t,” you are right. Whether you believe you are “worthy” or “not worthy” of your heart’s desires, you are right.allyson note

Your belief system sets the standard that you live by and what you attract into your life.  

Our perception of ourselves and the world can become tainted due to life experiences.

We begin to think “that is just the way it is” or “that is just the way I am” rather than see our unlimited potential. It is like looking in a fun house mirror and we think that twisted reflection is our reality but it is far from it.

My limiting beliefs kept me broke, drained, exhausted, lonely and unfulfilled. It didn’t matter how many times I switched locations, relationships or jobs I would always get the same results. I kept running into myself.

One lesson I have learned is we tend to get in life what we believe we deserve.

What are you seeing?  What are you visualizing about your life? What do you believe you deserve?

The only thing that limits us in life is that we believe there are limits.

What limits have you put on your life and are you ready to release them?

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