Accessories that Say Something

I fell in love with Kitt Shapiro the moment I met her.  Kitt Shapiro, Eartha Kitt

I never met her legendary mother singer-actress Eartha Kitt but I always loved her fierceness, fire and presence- a total trailblazer

I fell even more in love with Eartha as I got to know her through her daughter’s lifestyle brand Simply Eartha designed to honor her mother’s wisdom and beauty. 

Eartha KittThe line is full of “Kittisms”- Eartha’s profound pearls of wisdom.

Kitt has told me “My mother loved starting conversations.” Well these products are definitely conversation starters and “life thinkers” as they make you pause for a moment, think and go ‘woah.’

At Simply Eartha you can find scented candles telling  you ‘My Flaws Make Me Who I Am’ and a decorative glass plate that boldly gives you a nudge to ‘Never Miss An Opportunity To Shut Up’ or get an important reminder from a bangle to pause and ‘Don’t Panic’ or remember that ‘This Is Your Life. Take It In.’

Kitt made sure that all of the Simply Eartha products were made in U.S.A and supplied by local merchants. She has also devoted her career to colon cancer awareness as a tribute to her late mother.

kitt 6

There is nothing stronger than the bond between mother and daughter.  How beautiful that Kitt has honored her mother and her legacy in a way that inspires us all.

Allyson Spellman, Kitt Shapiro, Simply Eartha
With the beautiful Kitt Shapiro & wearing “My Flaws Make Me Who I Am.” proudly!


To learn more about Simply Eartha visit the Simply Eartha Website

Follow on Instagram at @simplyeartha



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4 Responses to Accessories that Say Something

  1. Wow!I never heard of this line and love all the quotes! Beautiful. I am going to order a few things. I need these reminders. Loving tribute from her daughter!

  2. Fabulous! I love the Flaws and Never Miss an Opportunity to Shut Up- I know I need that one. In all seriousness these are wonderful products and so wonderful to remember an icon and more importantly a daughter remembering her mother.