A BOOtiful Halloween

Allyson Spellman The Bat Girls hope you enjoyed your Halloween as much as we did!

I absolutely adore Halloween because it’s a holiday that both kids AND adults can enjoy at the same time. C’mon- when else can you throw on a bat headband and a mask and not get any second looks?

I love dressing up and creating fun family memories on Halloween. It is all worth it just seeing the expression of pure joy on my daughter’s face!12145134_1077809292251414_1861810485_n

We compromised on costumes as I really wanted to go as the Breakfast at Tiffany’s twins (of course) and well, she wanted to go as Bat twins.  I do believe we actually combined both of our visions in our final costumes (compromise, compromise).

Hmmmmm… maybe I could express my inner Holly Golightly through a pumpkin?

11379694_1669988649940070_493966061_nSo grateful our local dentist offered to give kids $1 per pound of candy they brought into the office.

I actually learned my daughter was more excited about the money than the candy (my little entrepreneur).  Now that the trade officially happened my daughter walked away $5 richer and her candy (and pounds upon pounds of candy from other kids) is being sent to the troops to enjoy.

We hope it brings many smiles. It is a very, very small token of appreciation for all they do for us.




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2 Responses to A BOOtiful Halloween

  1. Great job ladies on your costumes! I wish my local dentist did that for our kids. Nice initiative and a win-win for everyone.